Resilient Minds - Kids Anxiety Group

Vancouver Psychology Centre is pleased to offer an evidence-based, fun group experience to help ease anxiety in kids. In friendly environment, this group will help members to ‘get’ what anxiety is all about, will teach doable skills to overcome their anxiety and will provide a welcoming space to practice their newfound skills.

Objectives of the Group:

  • Educating kids to be in charge of their own thoughts with a focus on understanding the cycle of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours associated with anxiety.
  • Anxiety is normal – but not too much of it: Kids will learn that they are not alone in this and that all other kids feel anxiety too.
  • Mastering simple and fun mindfulness and cognitive-behavioural skills to squash their anxiety.
  • Providing a chill place to practice healthy coping skills, share experiences, relate with others, and release feelings of anxiety and stress.
  • Boosting kids’ power to develop a resilient mind and a happy and grateful approach to life {a glass half-full perspective}.

Skills Learned:

  • Helping kids to spot distorted thinking patterns (for example, perfectionism, glass half-empty, dramatic over-reaction) that elicit anxious feelings and behaviours.
  • Facing fear: building confidence in the ability to mindfully respond to anxious thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.
  • Growing the “resilient mind”: tools for anxiety management, relaxation, and life appreciation (based in cognitive behavioral therapy and Mindfulness)

–        mindful awareness of the body and breath
–        visualization
–        distraction
–        music, art, physical activity, stretching
–        progressive muscle relaxation

Who would be a good fit for the group?
Youngsters 7-12 years old
Worriers, perfectionists, kids with anxiety about performance, separation, or almost anything else!

Fall, Winter & Spring
Next Groups Start:

January 21 + 28th, 2018 for a two-day group

February 18 + 25th, 2018 for another two-day group


$300 per child, which includes parent handouts, child handouts and all materials used during the two-day group

Note to Parents:

An in-person interview will be conducted with prospective group members and parents.  This session will determine group suitability, gather important client information, provide an overview of the group for members, and outline strategies on how parents can assist their children along the growth process.

Parent follow-up after the group has concluded can be available to reinforce family support of the kids’ newly learned anxiety-fighting skills.

Facilitated by:

Katelin Wyness, MCP, Registered Clinical Counsellor and Leah Marks, our VPC Training Clinic student who is a University of British Columbia Masters Level Counselling Psychology candidate.

Program Written by: Katelin Wyness, RCC and Registered Psychologists, Dr. Carla Fry & Dr. Lisa Ferrari