Dr Marya Owen

Dr Marya Owen

Registered Psychologist

Dr Marya Owen specializes in psychoeducational testing to support the learning and flourishing of children and youth. She helps kids and families to determine the best learning environment and recommends any special teaching techniques, remediation parenting or social/emotional support that may benefit a child’s development and overall life satisfaction.

Dr Owen also helps families learn how to navigate learning environments and how to advocate for what each child needs in their learning environment according to their own individual strengths & challenges.

Families seek Dr Owen out when they have some of the following questions:

  • Is my child Gifted?
  • Does my child’s learning and abilities equate to a learning disability, such as
    a specific deficit in math or reading?
  • Does my child refuse school because the learning or the social environment
    isn’t a good fit?
  • Where is my child’s cognitive, academic or social – emotional development
    in comparison to their peers?
  • Does my child need a tutor?
  • What are my child’s strengths and how can we maximize those in school,
    sports, or other activities?
  • How can we help our child to feel more competent, successful, and
  • What can we do to help our child at school?
  • Does my child meet the diagnostic criteria for ADHD?
  • Is there anything about how my child learns or remembers that will help me
    parent them more effectively?
  • What are the types of post-secondary studies that will be a better fit for my

Dr Owen brings to VPC over thirty years of experience in psychoeducational
assessment. Helping children and their families as they grow and develop is a passion of Dr Owen. She’s pleased to bring her skill and experience to provide solutions so that
family, school and community partners can work together to support an enriching,
nourishing environment for each child.



Dr Owen provides psychoeducational assessment of young people from kindergarten
to high school. These assessments are comprehensive, and families are provided with
a personal feedback meeting to explain the findings of the assessment as well as a
report that offers many recommendations and solutions that address the referral

The detailed psychoeducational assessment report that Dr Owen creates is a very
useful and powerful document to help guide kids, families their educators and other
organizations or healthcare providers. Some parents share the entire report (or their
takeaways from the report) to pediatricians, psychiatrists, educators, coaches,
university accommodations departments, tutors, and other caregivers to help support
their child’s development, achievement and positive adjustment.



College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP)

Doctorate in Educational Psychology (Special Education) - University of Alberta
Master’s of Education in Educational Psychology (Special Education) - University of Alberta
Bachelor of Education in Elementary Education - University of Western Ontario