Non-Profit Event Marketing & Management Student Intern ( REMOTE )

This dynamic student internship role is a perfect opportunity for an individual(s)** who is interested in honing their skills in non-profit event marketing and management and who is seeking to add to their project portfolio / add depth to their CV. [The role title for LinkedIn purposes is negotiable and can be ‘Non Profit Community Engagement Manager’, ‘Project Manager’ or other title that suits]

This opportunity is to successfully facilitate and manage an international community initiative, the Kindness Patrol, wherein kids deliver kind acts and propagate kindness in their community. The Kindness Patrol mission is:

  • to create a movement where kids change the world one kind act at a time
  • to inspire a belief across cultures and continents in the healing a restorative nature of giving and receiving kindness
  • to provide opportunities for children and youth to experience the benefits of delivering kindness to others
  • to educate all ages about the mental health, social connection and community building aspects of kindness, using Positive Psychology science 
  • to inspire hope and optimism across cultures and continents about the goodness and positive potential of the next generation!

The Kindness Patrol this November 13th is virtual and consists of two parts:

  1. a) a live event on the 13th wherein kids from around the world join a livestream to bring joy to the world
  2. b) videos and images of kids deliver kind deeds to community members (painting kindness rocks for their park or beach, drawing kindness chalk graffiti messages on sidewalks, etc) submitted to us between now and November 13th to be posted via social media and to be compiled in a video to share with the community and media outlets

Past Kindness Patrol events can be seen here: )

**this project goals and deliverables may be executed by multiple individuals who may have some of the below skills to contribute to the project**

Job Description /Execution & Deliverables:

  1. Facebook Group Management with the following goals:
  2. a) increase members
  3. b) inspire and inform potential participants (community volunteers to source and lead a group of children in their community) and families / kids who may want to bring this opportunity to their school leaders to host a Kindness Patrol in their school
  4. c) provide a forum for Kindness Patrol kids to post their kindness dances and kind deeds (needs moderation)
  5. d) delivery of Kindness science facts to inspire and educate regarding the positive impacts of kindness
  6. e) other community development and support of the Kindness Patrol mission and event
  7. Communication with schools: Pitching the leadership opportunity to senior school faculty to share with their students (university guidance counsellors, guidance counsellors, volunteer / service hours administrative faculty, character education teachers, etc).
  8. Set up volunteer management system to communicate with volunteers and track their hours
  9. Set-up Instagram account for initiative and post regularly content between now and the event
  10. Reach out, communication and relationship building with Mommy Bloggers and other interested Influencers to cross-promote and inspire participation of kids in their communities
  11. Reach out to first responders (police, firefighters, ambulance, etc) to request submission of short video of themselves in uniform dancing a Kindness dance to support the kids’ initiative to spread kindness
  12. Delivering several live stream training sessions for volunteers (direction re: media releases for kindness patrol dancers, coaching re: managing groups of children, consulting re: community kindness deeds, delivering kindness science resources, etc)
  13. Writing of and submission of Media Release and coordination with PR to distribute Media Releases to media outlets and event listings
  14. Sourcing and communicating with potential financial sponsors to cover costs of event
  15. Sourcing live streaming platform and managing event on the day of the event
  16. Coordination of Videographer and community volunteer photographers to record the event
  17. Grant / Bursary writing and applications to provide you a financial stipend for your work(!) and to cover costs of community initiative

Remuneration: Volunteer / Unpaid (unless you secure a bursary! See above) 

Timeline: Immediately – until the end of November 2023 (opportunity for extension of role based on mutual agreement)

Desired Skills

Exceptional verbal and written communication skills

Corporate Social Media

Grant Writing


Nonprofit Management

Press Releases

Project Management

Social Media Communications

Sponsorship Generation

Volunteer Management


Please submit  a cover letter describing why you would like to take part in this amazing community initiative and say a bit about what kindness means to you.


Please make note of any unique skills that would make a positive impact: Canva expertise, Facebook, volunteer management software, Instagram, communications experience (including Media Releases), event management, etc.


Please submit your application to: