Supervised Access

The primary purpose of access visits is to mitigate the attachment-related issues for children while they remain separated from their parents.

  • Fully Supervised access visits require that the supervisor always be within sight and hearing of the child/parent(s) (2-3 meters)
  • Monitored access visits do not require the level of supervision that Fully Supervised access visits do.
  • To report to both parent’s and their lawyers should there be any concerns regarding the interactions of the supervised parent with the child during access visits
  • To report safety concerns to the appropriate government agencies: police, MCFD (Ministry of Family and Development)
  • An unbiased and objective approach while supervising/monitoring access visits.P
  • Through observation, there should be balanced effort in terms of looking for both positive and problematic parenting behaviours
  • It is important to understand the context of the particular family and any cultural issues that may influence family dynamics
  • A comprehensive report will be written and sent to each parent (or their lawyers) following each supervised visit
  • The supervisor will intervene when there are child safety concerns, such as the child is exhibiting excessive emotional dysregulation, and when there is excessive negative parenting behaviour or as determined by the court order.


  • To ensure the emotional, psychological and physical safety of the child being supervised
  • To ensure that the supervised parent is not under the influence of alcohol/non prescription drugs (access visit will be terminated)
  • To ensure that court orders or other legal orders are followed
  • To report safety concerns to the relevant parties (MCFD, police, lawyers, court)


  • The child’s level of comfort during access visits will be continually evaluated
  • When the child/ren appears to be excessively anxious/distressed as a result of the access visit, it may be necessary to intervene or consult with the supervised parent
  • If the Supervisor has concerns regarding the emotional or physical safety of the child, the Supervisor may terminate the access visit
  • The children should perceive the supervisor as someone who will provide safety/protection if necessary


  • Parents will be encouraged to engage in positive interactions with their child during access visits.
  • When guidance is required by the supervisor to ensure child safety or to provide parenting skills, the supervisor strives to intervene in a manner that supports the parent.
  • Guidance and education will be given in respectful manner using modelling, direction and/or suggestions.

*The following are general guidelines only and each Supervised Access client will have an individualized version of the following based upon written agreement beforehand according to the individual needs of the child and family.

**Please ask us about Therapeutic Supervised Access services that we offer at VPC.