About Us

The Vancouver Psychology Centre is a group of like-minded professionals here to provide evidence-based assessment, consultation and treatment to all ages who seek greater happiness and meaning in their lives. Our VPC Psychologists, Counsellors, Art Therapists and Youth Care Workers use the science of psychology and apply it to the goals of positive emotion and connection. We highlight people’s strengths and use Positive Psychology’s science and techniques to maximize positive emotion, virtuous personal characteristics, fulfilment with life and to improve connection with others.

Our VPC team offers warm, specialized service in a confidential, friendly environment – either in our offices or at your home via telehealth. Together we aim to provide solutions and relief to those who are the shy, worried, to those who question authority and rules, or for those experiencing sadness or questioning what their life is about. We can assist individuals trying to bring balance and fulfillment to their family or personal relationships.

We work from a mental wellness, not mental illness perspective. We provide assessment and treatment across the lifespan and we have a dynamic team with diverse training and experience. We offer office appointments and some in-home behavioural consultations as well.

If you’re looking for evidence-based information and interventions to help with your goals – you’re in the right place! We value a strengths-based approach and encourage client health, happiness and optimal functioning.

Our VPC team is trained in Positive Psychology – techniques and provides approaches which seek to optimize the good.