Executive & Mental Performance Coaching at VPC

VPC offers accredited in-house experts who deliver Coaching to high performance (and soon-to-be high performance) individuals.
Whether you are a business owner, C-level executive, manager, athlete or team of professionals, our coaching is a great fit for those who are determined to find actionable solutions and maximize their untapped talents. VPC’s Coaching professionals excel at delivering the tools necessary to help cultivate a growth mindset for change and map pathways to make success a reality.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is the process of using efficient, strong-impact dialogue and validated strategy that helps high-performing people solve problems, reach goals and improve results that are sustained over time.

Unlike traditional business consulting or mentoring, executive coaching uses a proven, results-based methodology of conversation that enables leaders to focus, generate important insights, gain clarity and make decisions that will improve their personal performance or that of their team.

Our  coaching sessions are tailored to address any specific topic(s) you desire. We’re experts at helping clients identify the true cause of challenges they’re facing in the workplace and assist them to successfully navigate towards measurable outcomes that are the most meaningful to them and/or their organization. Often, custom long-term engagements are developed to tackle directives that are large in scope or involve multiple individuals. However, each session starts with your specific topic, a measurable goal and a valuable outcome for you.

Entrepreneurs, executives, managers and rising talent can all benefit from this process to help them find immediate solutions or tackle long-term goals whether they are personal, interpersonal, for small departments or for entire companies. For more about Mr Buttedahl’s Executive Coaching services, click here.

Mental Performance Coaching

Mental performance coaching is a subfield of sport psychology that focuses on identifying and applying psychological principles that facilitate optimal human performance. It supports the development of mental fitness, where individuals learn about mental processes, such as one’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, and develop mental skills and strategies to overcome barriers to performance and achieve excellence. Ultimately, mental performance coaching provides an opportunity for individuals to use controllable variables to their advantage, thus creating a mental edge needed for success in high performance settings.

Mental performance coaches work with people of every age and skill level across the performance spectrum including those in sport, exercise, business, arts, and medical professions.

Effective mental performance coaching involves the use of evidence-based approaches, methods, and interventions. Your mental performance coach will help you develop a comprehensive and individualized plan with specific strategies to help meet your performance goals.

For more on Dr Zarina Giannone’s Mental Performance Coaching services, click here.