Buse Bedir

Buse Bedir, MA, Psychometrician

Taking a strengths-based and collaborative approach, Buse provides psychoeducational and psychodiagnostic assessments to children, teens, and adults. Buse helps her clients better understand themselves and seek out the best personal and learning environments that may
benefit their personal growth.

Buse takes a warm and empathic approach that allow her clients to explore and address the challenges they experience. She provides thorough and comprehensive assessments to children, families and adults that include important background history, strengths, challenges,
potential diagnoses and recommendations that clients can incorporate moving forward.

Individuals and families seek Buse out when they have some of the following questions:


– Do I (or my child) have ADHD?
– Am I or my child gifted?
– Does my child’s learning and abilities equate to a learning disability, such as
a specific deficit in math or reading?
– Where is my child’s cognitive, academic or social-emotional development
in comparison to their peers?
– What types of supports do I or my child need to feel confident, successful and effective?
– What are my or my child’s strengths and how can we maximize those in jobs, school,
sports, or other activities?
– Is there anything about how my child learns or remember or thinks that will help me
parent them more effectively?
– Is there anything about how I learn or remember that will help me be more successful in
my job or relationships?
– What are the types of post-secondary studies that will be a better fit for me or my

Buse received her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Victoria (UVic),
and she is currently completing her PhD in Clinical Psychology at UVic. She also has experience
providing comprehensive neuropsychological assessments to children and adolescents. Buse
provides psychometrician services alongside our Registered Psychologists here at VPC.



– Kids Brain Health Network (student affiliate)
– University of Victoria Psi Chi (student member)

PhD Candidate in Clinical Neuropsychology, University of Victoria (current)

Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology, University of Victoria

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of Victoria