John Buttedahl

Business & Career Coach, Certified Executive Coach

Business, Career & Executive Coaching, Organizational Development, Validated Assessments

Professionals often face obstacles that hinder their personal progress or prevent their businesses from maximizing their organizational potential. These challenges can be a result of market influences, conflicts between co-workers or perceived personal limitations. Coaching is a validated method of providing individuals the capacity and confidence to overcome common challenges in the workplace and to develop the tools necessary to be more effective in their roles.

John has over 25 years of business management experience working as an Executive and Director for a variety of high volume private and public companies. He has done extensive work motivating and training colleagues to reach their personal goals and excels at business planning and strategizing.  He is considered thoughtful, attentive, and forward-thinking.

As business, career and executive coach, John combines specialized training with his diverse business background and tactical approach to helping high-achieving individuals achieve their performance objectives.

Mr. Buttedahl attended The University of British Columbia and Carleton University where he received his Bachelor of Arts. He currently resides in Vancouver with his spouse and young daughter.

Below is only a partial list of topics that can be addressed through Executive Coaching. Generally speaking, most challenges can be managed or overcome when approached with an open mindset to our solutions-based coaching conversations. We welcome you to contact us for a free consultation should you have any questions about our services.


This is the critical first stage in our process that will indicate how you can best navigate from your current situation to achieving your objective. VPC coaches use constructive dialogue and validated assessment tools that provide valuable insights on relevant traits that can be addressed during your coaching sessions to improve your chances of success.

Business Coaching:

Is a more technical approach geared towards business owners who want to grow their companies, increase their value and leverage their time spent working. We use a CASTLE Model for Business Growth and Success, that identifies the owner’s goals and ensures their mastery of its financial performance while creating strategies and tactics that help elevate their businesses. Often combined with elements of Executive Coaching, this powerful combination of coaching methodologies gives owners increased prowess and success.


Change or Develop a New Behaviour:

This is one of the most common and powerful coaching engagements we encounter. Work with us to help you identify and modify any behavior that is holding you back from achieving your maximum capabilities or develop a new one that will have the biggest impact on your performance.

Shifting a Limiting Perception:

Sometimes you may have pervasive attitudes and beliefs that are holding you back from maximizing your productivity or building relationships. Coaching can help you discover new ways of thinking about a problem or uncover blind spots and develop new insights on making progress.

How to Engage your Employees:

Disengagement is one of the most common and costliest problems facing businesses today. Becoming more effective at engaging employees will  reduce your company’s turnover, absenteeism and improve productivity.

Conflict Resolution:

Some work conflicts are normal and easily resolved without intervention. However, coaching is a great way to overcome issues that become personal and detrimental so you can improve productivity.

Improving Your Network of Professional Relationships:

Coaching can help you develop strategies that identify, build and nurture your powerbase to maximize one of your most important business currencies.

Team Coaching:

Assessing group dynamics against strengths & weaknesses, setting specific & measurable goals, defining roles & values and creating a plan of action are just a few of the components of team building that we can work on with leaders and/or entire departments or organizations.

Strategic Planning:

Unlike traditional consulting, coaching executives/managers and their teams is a more efficient and effective approach for developing a strategy. We’ll help you assess your team, clearly identify broad and targeted initiatives, and implement a detailed plan to include buy-in by all involved to ensure success.

How to Lead Organizational Change:

New corporate initiatives are common in most organizations but successful implementation is rare without detailed planning, buy-in from employees and proper execution by all, including management. Our coaching leads executives through a detailed process that helps them with the framework and tasks specific to their goal and organization’s makeup. 

Succession Planning:

Most long-term businesses eventually require a change in ownership, management and key personnel but the process is fraught with challenges, especially if left to reactionary decisions. The most successful organizations treat succession planning as an ongoing, essential process that needs to be proactively planned and instilled into the business model. Our coaches will work with owners and executives to ensure a sound succession plan is developed for your organization.

Implementing Service Excellence:

Many organizations claim to offer “exceptional customer service” as their unique selling proposition but often fail to maintain or even achieve such lofty standards. Unlike traditional consulting, whereby recommendations are rarely implemented, coaching provides long-term solutions that are more easily adapted by management and ingrained into the culture of an organization on all levels. The end results will be more measurable, lead to accountability of employees and bring more value to customers who in turn, should drive higher revenues.

Board Development:

Make sure your Board of Directors is properly composed, aligned and in sync is crucial to the success of your organization. Our coaching works with you one-on-one and/or with your entire board to ensure everyone understands their specific roles, responsibilities and that the strategic direction of the enterprise is properly supported.

Career Coaching:

For students trying to decide on a career path, employees or employers needing to create development plans for advancement, or experienced executives embarking on new opportunities. Career coaching is a great way to help you determine the best avenues to pursue for short and long-term success.

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