OMG Family Rescue

Vancouver Psychology Centre’s OMG Family Rescue: In-Home Counselling by VPC … we come to you


We’re so pleased to offer mobile counselling. Our well trained child and family counsellor comes to your home, your kids’ school, the dentist office, on airplanes, or wherever you need him! All services are provided by Greg Daily, VPC’s Child & Youth Counsellor

Rescue Packages Available:

There are six different packages that are available to families in the OMG Family Rescue Programme. Each package consists of 4 sessions (1.5 hours each) that provide 6 hours of individualized in-home sessions The fee for the 4-sessions is $550 (regularly $720).

Here are the Rescue packages available:

Anxiety Rescue
Screen Time Sanity
Reading B’TWEEN the Lines
Reading B’TEEN the Lines
Family Peace Talks
Families Surviving & Thriving a la carte

More details about the packages:

    strategies to manage fear of the dark
    solutions for those hesitant to sleep on their own
    strategies to work through phobias
    how-to’s to attack OCD, worries and anxiety of all kinds
    getting the whole family on a social media diet
    strategies for balancing technology-life vs. IRL (in real life) living
  • Reading B’TWEEN the Lines
    setting up routines for success for your tween
    using the tween dictionary to ‘get’ what’s going on
    smooth transitions from ‘kid’ to ‘tween’ parenting
    staying connected in a busy world
  • Reading B’TEEN the Lines
    setting up routines for success for your teen
    using the teen dictionary to ‘get’ what’s going on
    smooth transitions from ‘tween’ to ‘teen’ parenting
    staying connected in a busy world
  • Family Peace-Talks
    surviving parent-child conflict
    sibling-rivalry solutions that work
    relief from tantrums, emotional meltdowns and freak-outs
    anti-yelling strategies for all ages
  • Families Surviving and Thriving: a la carte
    dealing with loss
    managing encopresis / eneuresis
    depression-fighting strategies
    mental health rescue techniques
    school refusal solutions
    social skill / relationship building
    emotional management
    managing vaping
    managing cannabis use
    managing pornography use

Packages of 4 sessions:
$550 for four 1.5 hour in-home sessions {Regular fees are $120 x’s four 1.5 hour sessions = $720}

There is no extra charge for transportation in the immediate Vancouver area. Travel outside of GVRD is calculated according to distance from VPC headquarters

Services provided nationally or internationally can be arranged as well on a case-by-case basis: travel and transportation fees covered by family

All programs are customizable and come with a OMG Family Rescue Manual

A la carte top-ups are available (extra sessions beyond the 4-session package) are available at $120 per hour. Each family may choose up to one package.

Fees due prior to first session

No same-day cancellations (two business days notice required)

Refunds available for the unused sessions minus a $45 administration fee

For more info, please call OMG’s HQ, the Vancouver Psychology Centre at: 604-733-7709 or visit us at