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All people work and learn in unique ways. Psychovocational assessments can help us identify our strengths, as well as potential barriers to successful employment or education, allowing us to maximize opportunities and develop strategies to meet our personal and professional goals.

Psychovocational Assessments aim to find a fit between a person’s abilities (e.g., aptitudes, skills, interests, and physical abilities) and the specific requirements of a job, academic pursuit, or training goal.

Psychovocational Assessments are recommended when a person is:

  • Deciding on post-secondary or employment options.
  • Contemplating a career change.
  • Returning to work after an accident or injury.
  • Has a psychological or physical health challenge.

The assessment typically consists of:

    • Interview with a clinician
    • Cognitive Testing (e.g., aptitude)
    • Academic Testing (e.g., literacy/numeracy)
    • Work Preferences (e.g., interests, skills)
    • Psychological testing, if indicated (e.g., personality, mood, functionality, attention)
    • Individualized report and feedback

Each person receives an assessment report that provides an analysis of the individual’s measured abilities, skills, and interests within the context of their life and goals. The report focuses on translating the information gathered in the assessment into practical and meaningful recommendations to help individuals reach their full potential. 

We are booking psychovocational assessments today. Zarina Giannone is the team member that is trained in delivering psychovocational assessments here at VPC and will be the professional that you will see if you choose this service.