Resilient Divorce ... KIDS FIRST!

Vancouver Psychology Centre is pleased to offer an evidence-based, resilience focused group for children of families going through separation and divorce. Kids will learn strategies to better cope with family transitions and/or conflict and in a welcoming environment. This group will help kids bounce back from the changes occurring in their family.

Objectives of the Group:

  • Develop coping strategies to manage emotional and practical challenges associated with family changes.
  • Help kids cope with family changes and learn to thrive in spite of these changes.
  • Help kids understand any feelings of anger and loss.
  • Help kids to feel empowered with information about separation and divorce.
  • They will have the opportunity to learn that other kids experience many similar things as they do in their family.

Skills Learned:

  • Kids will learn to understand their emotions.
  • Kids will learn that what they feel is okay and that they can bounce back and thrive.
  • Kids will learn how to communicate effectively with others during a time of transition.
  • Kids will learn to identify, understand, and accept thoughts and feelings regarding parents’ separation and family changes.

Who would be a good fit for the group:

Children 7-12 years-old who are currently going through parental separation or who have been involved in a divorce in the previous 2 years


Fall, Winter & Spring

Next Group Starts: TBA

** New: KIDS FIRST curriculum offered 1:1 for those who would prefer private sessions at the therapist’s session fee rate **

Group Cost:

$37 per session (8 sessions) comes to $295 per child, which includes parent handouts, child handouts and all materials used during the group

Note to Parents:

An in-person interview will be conducted with prospective group members and parents.  This session will determine group suitability, gather important client information, provide an overview of the group for members, and outline strategies on how parents can assist their children along the growth process.

Parent follow-up after the group has concluded will be available to reinforce family support of the kids’ newly learned anxiety-fighting skills.

Facilitated by:

Katelin Wyness, MCP, Registered Clinical Counsellor (R.C.C.) and Will Birman, Clinical Psychology Intern, Supervised by Registered Psychologists, Dr. Lisa Ferrari & Dr. Carla Fry