Separation & Divorce


Whether you are at the beginning of this life transition, are part way through or even if the breakup is years in your past, finding a new equilibrium and creating healthy connections are part of your journey. We are happy to provide non-judgemental support and tools to help you bounce back and thrive. We help you build on your own character strengths and experiences to rewrite your future in a manner that is focused on health and sustainable personal growth.

In-person and online (telehealth) counselling and therapy to help families to be strong and to bounce back from life’s challenges, as well as maximizing their ability to enjoy their lives and appreciate the good. Our team offers approaches based in alternate dispute resolution (ADR), such as collaborative divorce, co-parenting therapy, divorce coaching, child divorce specialists we specialize in approaches to help children to deepen their connection with their parents and families.

If you are looking to bounce back from or remain strong through a breakup, our team offers some of the following services:

  • Co-parenting therapy
  • Parenting plans
  • Collaborative divorce
  • Post-divorce adjustment
  • Consultation regarding coping through the separation process
  • Tools to manage extended family situations that may have arisen through the divorce
  • Help with restoring positive perspective to move forward more freely to life on your own or to life with a new partner

We are glad to share that all the following at Vancouver Psychology Centre provide services through the SEPARATION and DIVORCE process: