Families. The foundation of our future. The source of life’s greatest passionate joys and the source of some of the heart’s deepest sorrows.

There is no perfect when it comes to families. Our team is available with vast experience, knowledge and science to enhance your family’s connections, communication and positive flow. Some families arrive at our doorstep seeking a few pointers and strategies to manage a short term challenge, while others seek to make beneficial changes to long-term complex relationship or family system concerns.

In-person and online (telehealth) counselling and therapy to help families to be strong and to bounce back from life’s challenges, as well as maximizing their ability to enjoy their lives and appreciate the good.

Our team offers interventions based in attachment techniques, systems therapy, emotion-focused-therapy (EFT) cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT) and person-centered techniques and we specialize in approaches to help children to deepen their connection with their parents and families.

Some of the life situations that our team help families with:

  • Managing and recovering from a loss
  • Parenting effectively through changes in children’s developmental levels
  • Communication techniques to deepen understanding and encourage positive behavior
  • Adjustment to family transitions such as new family members and blended family situations
  • Strengthening parent – child relationships
  • Overcoming sibling rivalry
  • Mediation and management of parent-child conflict
  • Adjustment to chronic illness or other disabilities of a family members
  • separation & divorce services 

We are glad to share that all the following at Vancouver Psychology Centre provide services to FAMILIES: