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RESILIENT MINDS – Kids Anxiety Groups at VPC

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Vancouver Psychology Centre is pleased to offer an evidence-based, fun group experience to help ease anxiety in kids. In friendly environment, this group will help members to ‘get’ what anxiety is all about, will teach do-able skills to overcome their anxiety and will provide a safe space to practice their newfound skills.


Educating kids to be in charge of their own thoughts with a focus on understanding the cycle of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours associated with anxiety.

Anxiety is normal – but not too much of it: Kids will learn that they are not alone in this and that all other kids feel anxiety too.

Mastering simple and fun mindfulness and cognitive-behavioural skills to ‘squash’ their anxiety.

Providing a chill place to practice healthy coping skills, share experiences, relate with others, and release feelings of anxiety and stress.

Boosting kids’ power to develop a resilient mind and a happy and grateful approach to life {a glass half full perspective}.


Helping kids to spot distorted thinking patterns (for example, perfectionism, glass half empty, dramatic overreaction) that elicit anxious feelings and behaviours.

Facing fear: building confidence in the ability to mindfully respond to anxious thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

Growing the “resilient mind”: tools for anxiety management, relaxation, and life appreciation (based in cognitive behavioral therapy , mindfulness and positive psychology)
mindful awareness of the body and breath
music, art, physical activity, stretching
progressive muscle relaxation
Mini Kindness Patrol

For Who?

Youngsters 7-12 years old

Worriers, perfectionists, kids with anxiety about performance, separation, or almost anything else!

Fall session:

Sunday October 6th + Sunday October 20th, 2019
Time: 10am – 3pm (both days – for a total of 10 hours of programming))


Winter session 2020: Dates TBA

Spring session 2020: Dates TBA

Vancouver Psychology Centre
338 W8th Ave, Suite #201

Vancouver BC V5Y 3X2

$395 per child, which includes parent handouts, child handouts and all materials used during the group for the two-days of the session

Curriculum developed by: Katelin Wyness, MCP, Registered Clinical Counsellor, and Dr. Lisa Ferrari + Dr. Carla Fry

Group is Facilitated by:

Katelin Wyness, MCP, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Allie W., BC, MCP-AT candidate

VPC Team


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