The key to our future.

They represent opportunity, hope, and possibility.

We love children and we love connecting with them. Children can look forward to a fun and authentically respectful connection with our professionals when they visit our clinic. Whether it’s the first time they come to meet us or the 999th time – we endeavour to provide an environment that is child-centric and warm. We have many psychologists and counsellors who have specialties with children. We consult with all ages of children (yes… we’ve consulted with parents whose child hasn’t even been born yet!) and have cool techniques that are suited to all different personalities, from the shy, hesitant youngsters to the gregarious chatty-kathies.
Our team offers the following to children:

In-person and online (telehealth) counselling and therapy to help children to be strong and to bounce back from life’s challenges, as well as maximizing their ability to enjoy their lives and appreciate the good.

Our team offers interventions based in play therapy, art therapy, cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT) and person-centered techniques and we specialize in attachment approaches to help children to deepen their connection with their parents and families.

Some of the life situations that our team help children with include things like:

  • coaching to learn relaxation and skills to cope with stress and worry
  • treatment to deal with specific anxiety situations such as phobias, school refusal and panic attacks
  • developing tools to bounce back from sadness and depression
  • overcoming behavioral problems
  • emphasis on positive emotions and reduction of anger
  • increasing assertiveness
  • boosting self esteem
  • tweaking social skills
  • teaching communication
  • successfully managing nightmares
  • help with adjusting to parental divorce or separation
  • skills to cope with life changes such as immigration and new stepfamilies
  • support and adjustment to medical diagnoses and disabilities
  • strength-based skills to help cope with bullying and complicated friend/peer situations

PsychoEducational and PsychoDiagnostic assessments to answer questions and define issues that affect their academics, happiness and future such as: read more

In our work with children, we rely heavily on research and knowledge within the field of positive psychology. Mindfulness techniques, gratitude enhancement and resilience building are interwoven in what we do every day.

We offer an environment where children can learn to cope with the yuck and to suck up and enjoy the good.
We are glad to share that all the following at Vancouver Psychology Centre provide services to CHILDREN: