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These words strike fear into the heart of many adults. Our team loves this bunch – whatever you call them.

We pay great attention to detail and expend a lot of effort in connecting with each teen so that they feel like we ‘get it’ and maximally understand their unique situation. While all our psychologists and counsellors agree that nurturing a positive relationship is essential to everything they do – with teens relationship-building is beyond essential. What teens we work with like and need to know is that we take their privacy and their safety very seriously. We spend a lot of time in the first session ensuring each teen understands the boundaries around confidentiality and privacy so that each young person can feel maximally comfortable in discussing their life. We feel gratitude to have gained the trust of so many teens through the years as we have worked to support their resilience and ability to enjoy their lives.
Our team offers the following to teens:

Psychoeducational Assessments to answer questions and define issues that affect their academics, happiness and future such as:

  • learning style
  • giftedness
  • learning disabilities
  • ADHD
  • career and university choice

Psychovocational Assessments and Career Assessments give guidance to those looking to choose the best fit in terms of career and educational pathways. Interests, skills and aptitude are assessed and a detailed report and feedback are key takeaways that help youth to make decisions about their future.

In-person and online (telehealth) counselling and therapy to help teens to be strong and to bounce back from life’s challenges, as well as maximizing their ability to enjoy their lives and appreciate the good.  Our team offers interventions based in art therapy, cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT) and person-centered techniques and we specialize in attachment approaches to help teen to deepen their connection with their parents and families.

Some of the life situations that our team helps teens with include things like:

  • treatment to deal with specific anxiety situations such as phobias and panic attacks
  • developing tools to bounce back from sadness or depression
  • increasing assertiveness
  • boosting self esteem
  • tweaking social skills
  • teaching advanced communication skills such as how to display gratitude and how to argue eloquently
  • navigating dating and social pressures
  • mediation and nurturing of teen-parent relationships
  • coaching to learn relaxation and skills to cope with stress and worry
  • help with adjusting to parental divorce or separation
  • skills to cope with life changes such as immigration and new stepfamilies
  • support and adjustment to medical diagnoses and disabilities
  • strength-based skills to help cope with being targeted by bullies and complicated friend/peer situations
  • appropriate and healthy goal setting and planning for a successful future
  • managing self-harming behaviours
  • coping strategies to improve body image
  • separation & divorce services 

In our work with teens, we rely heavily on research and knowledge within the field of positive psychology. Mindfulness techniques, gratitude enhancement and resilience building are interwoven in what we do every day.

We offer an environment where teens can learn to cope with upsets, problems and situations that are out of their control and to appreciate and authentically experience the good.

We are glad to share that all the following at Vancouver Psychology Centre provide services to TEENS: