Whether you are considering consulting a team member to enhance the positive elements you already have in your life, to address specific mental health concerns or to make other beneficial adjustments to your mood, relationships or lifestyle, our psychologists and counsellors offer a variety of approaches and come from diverse backgrounds and are here to help you meet your goals.

We highlight your strengths and use Positive Psychology‘s science and techniques to maximize positive emotion, virtuous personal characteristics, fulfilment with life and to improve connection with others.

We take care to provide a welcoming atmosphere for those who might traditionally seek psychological consultation as well as those who might not typically enter a psychologist’s office, as they are wondering if they are ‘too well’  to seek consultation.

All our psychologists and counsellors work from a mental wellness, not mental illness perspective.  We are glad to offer services are that are highly personalized and confidential in our warm and inviting offices.

Our team offers the following to adults:

In-person and online (telehealth) counselling and therapy to help adults to be strong and to bounce back from life’s challenges, as well as maximizing their ability to enjoy their lives and appreciate the good. Our team offers interventions based in cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT), dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), and person-centered techniques.

Some of the life situations that our team helps with include things like:

  • treatment to deal with specific anxiety situations such as phobias and panic attacks
  • developing tools to bounce back from sadness or depression
  • increasing assertiveness
  • boosting self-esteem
  • teaching advanced communication skills such as how to display gratitude and how to argue eloquently
  • navigating dating and social pressures
  • coaching to learn relaxation and skills to cope with stress and worry
  • help with adjusting to divorce or separation
  • skills to cope with life changes such as immigration and  blended families
  • support and adjustment to medical diagnoses and disabilities
  • strength-based skills to help cope with complicated interpersonal/co-worker situations
  • appropriate and healthy goal setting and planning for a successful future
  • managing self-harming behaviours
  • coping strategies to improve body image
  • separation & divorce services 

PsychoDiagnostic Assessments to answer questions and define issues that affect their job and career success, overall happiness and future such as:

  • ADD / ADHD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Psychovocational Assessments are particular to career and training guidance and are useful at any time, but are often sought by parents returning to the workforce after full time parenting for some time, by those returning to work after a medical leave, or by those looking to re-specialize or to find a better career fit for their strengths, personality and lifestyle choices.

PsychoEducational Assessments for adults help to determine learning differences and provide documentation for any Accommodations for post secondary education and employment situations.


We are glad to share that all the following at Vancouver Psychology Centre provide services to ADULTS: